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    Recognition Sunday

    Preacher: David Macdonald

    Category: Faith

    Today the community gathers to recognize one another and our service to Christ and one another in this special parish we call ‘St. Luke’s. We are a venerable witness to God in this place.

    But, this place on the corner of Glen & Roslyn…is not the wood, brick, mortar, and stone you see around you.

    ‘The Church’ has always been the people of God…the ‘ecclesia’. Year after year…century after century…this place has been a witnesses to God, served Christ, been animated in ministry by the Holy Spirit…and gathered for prayer, praise, sacrament, music, worship, fellowship, outreach, service and care, compassion and hope.

    We have been a people confronted by the winds of change…amidst a witness of peace that comes from our trust in God’s love for us and all creation.
    A place that still is finding its ministry to the wider world around us in every generation.

    Today…let us recognize one another…I want to show you what the Church is…what ‘St. Luke’s is…what the ‘Kingdom of God is’.

    So when you hear me say something that applies to you…please stand & remain standing until I am done.

    • Those who are members of the Vestry…please stand
    • Any of you who serve on the Altar Guild
    • Any of you who are Acolytes
    • Any of you who are or have been Sunday School volunteers
    • Any of you who are Choir members or have sung with the Choir in the past.
    • Anyone who has family buried in the yard
    • Anyone who has ever volunteered at Mutual Concerns or the Bazaar
    • Anyone who has worked on these grounds to beautify & maintain them.
    • Anyone who has volunteered at one of our festivals, meals, or concerts.
    • Anyone who has given of their time, talent, or treasure.
    • Anyone who has prayed for one another in this place.
    • Anyone here who has shared a meal, an affection, a regard for another.
    • Anyone who is visiting us today…and any seeking God’s will [be seated]

    Look around you…look into the eyes of one another…and you will see, hear and feel that the Kingdom of God has come close to you….for all of you are everything that is ‘St. Luke’s.

    You are the Church in this place…the people of Christ. Bless you…thank you…God be with you.