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    “You are those who continue with me…”

    Preacher: David Macdonald

    Category: Faith

    “you are those who continue with me…”
    [Luke 22:28]

    I was thinking of how we all share the common experience of being tempted by one thing or another.

    For instance, in today’s gospel we hear about the unscrupulous steward.

    But after all temptations come to us just as they did for Jesus…yet he went on through them…do we?

    In my own life…I can remember times when I did not want to or could not bring myself to continue on with Jesus because I thought it was just too much.

    Yet…in retrospect I realized he continued on with me anyway.

    Perhaps we should watch when God changes our circumstances…and then be conscious of our responses…to look and see if we are
    ‘continuing with Christ or not’
    whether we are continuing on with the world, the flesh and the devil.

    Christians wear Jesus’ name…but do we continue with him in all our circumstances?
    In good or ill…in season and out of season?

    Nobody ever said it would be easy to continue with our savior…
    That we walk away from the Lord should not surprise us…and it is of no surprise to God…for after all it says in John’s gospel at chapter 6.
    “from that time many of his disciples went back and followed him no more.”
    Are we living with him now, this month, this coming year?
    The truth for each of us I suspect is that we think we need to shield ourselves from some of the things we find God brings around us.

    And yet…we should have more faith…more trust in God…of that I am sure.

    For I know enough from my own life that continuing in Christ is the only real path toward the mystery of salvation that God holds out for me…
    And for you.

    We remember in our communion that Jesus died for us…so that we might have salvation & life everlasting…

    But that way led him through
    Gethsemane…through the gates of Jerusalem…and in a marvelous phrase of insight by St. Paul in his letter to the Hebrews…
    “outside the camp of his people”
    We all so want the way…our way…with the mystery of God’s plan for our lives to be clear…

    And yet…
    I know that in looking back on my experience with Christ…it can often be lonely…and move me in directions I cannot see because it is beyond my horizon…

    But I tell you this…it is worth continuing…because even when I have been unable to see a footprint to follow….

    I have always heard Christ saying
    “follow me”

    I say these things to you in the name of god:
    Father, Son & Holy Spirit