St. Luke's Church is pleased to meet the needs of all who require ministry. If you are interested in learning more about our ministries, please contact our Rector, Father Charles Colwell.

Baptism: Baptism is the sacrament that makes us Christians, and preparation for baptism is the beginning of our formation in Christ. At St. Luke's we believe that the whole congregation shares in these responsibilities. We welcome Adults who have not been baptized and parents who seek baptism for their child. We also welcome those who wish to reaffirm their baptismal vows.

Communion: All baptized persons of any age are welcome to receive Communion at St. Luke's.

Confirmation: Participation in the Youth Confirmation Program is a requirement for teen who wish to be confirmed.  Adults follow a separate program.

Illness: If you or a member of your family are hospitalized or home-bound and would like to receive the Laying of Hands and Anointing for Healing, the Sacrament of Holy Communion, or simply a visit from the clergy, please contact us.

Marriage: Couples contemplating marriage in the Church should notify the Rector of their plans as early as possible before the wedding. The Rector will expect to meet with them at least three times before the wedding. 

Christian Burial:  When a person is believed to be near death, friends or immediate family should notify a member of the clergy, who may then properly provide the ministrations of the Church.