A Letter from the Rector - August 15, 2019

    August 15, 2019 by Jesse Lebus

    Greetings St. Luke’s, friends and family!

    You know what you call a book club that’s been stuck on one book for years? Church. 

    I know, I know, it’s corny, but it’s this very sentiment that has inspired me to introduce some other books into our common life by starting the St. Luke’s Book Club. It’s only our book club in as much as we host it and I hope that if you are interested you will invite others to join you in reading the books and taking part in the potluck dinners and discussions. 

    I chose this year’s selection of books with an idea in mind: that it’s important to gain a perspective that includes other points of view and others’ points of view. Click the titles to find out more. (Potluck discussion dates are in italics and will take place at 7pm in the church library).

    People who belong to book clubs will admit that when they gather to discuss books the conversation is often diverted and like the wind, goes where it will. People who belong to book clubs will also tell you that it’s partly about the books and mostly about the community. Both of these notions sound great and I look forward to (re)reading the books, seeing where the conversation goes and building community all the while. 

    I will be heading over to the Sea Cliff Village Library soon to have some books reserved and there will be a few copies for sale at the church. The dates and more information are available both on our website calendar and our FaceBook page. There will also be a hard copy flier available at the back of the church, suitable to hang on your fridge!

    Happy reading,

    Fr. Jesse

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