A Letter from the Rector - February 27, 2020

    February 27, 2020 by Jesse Lebus

    St. Luke’s, friends and family:

    This week has been a very special one at St. Luke’s. Our Youth Celebration Sunday was wonderful. Even at the tail end of winter break the young people of our parish came out to carry the cross, read Holy Scripture, sing in the Kid’s Choir, assist the ushers and bring forward the gifts of bread and wine. Last Sunday’s service was a sign that, in the words of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry: young people aren’t the future of the church, they are the church. Thank you to all the parents and members who help make our youth community possible.

    Tuesday’s Mardi-Gras-Shrove-Tuesday-Pancake-Party was also amazing. The church hall was filled with members of the church and the wider community sharing a fun and delicious meal. That’s what “Church” is all about. Whether on Sunday at Holy Eucharist, in the kitchen canning treats for the Fall Bazaar, at the Mutual Concerns’ Senior Luncheons, or Fat Tuesday fetes: coming together around food, getting to know one another and growing in love. I was genuinely moved by the hospitality that members of our church offered people from Sea Cliff and surrounding neighborhoods.

    Last night’s Ash Wednesday service formally marked the beginning of Lent. It was very powerful to be in the midst of nearly 30 faithful Christians; to acknowledge our limited time on earth and to commit ourselves to a season of introspection and transformation. Yesterday, I read a colleague’s email to her church in Portland, Oregon. She’s a person of great depth and I think her perspective is a good one. I’ll leave you with a snippet.

    If you are inclined to commit to a practice in Lent, my only advice and request is that it draw your heart and mind and attention to God. Lent is not a new year’s resolution reboot. You are beautiful and beloved as you are, and no additional prayers or passed over sweets will get God to love you more. Lent is a time to open the doors of our hearts a little wider and understand God a little deeper.  And also a time to understand ourselves a little deeper.

    Yours in Christ,


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