A Letter from the Rector - September 26, 2019

    September 26, 2019 by Jesse Lebus

    Greetings St. Luke’s, friends and family!

    "We know that the body needs bread, therefore we seek bread for it; so must we seek for the food of the soul.” Lancelot Andrewes

    What is it that feeds the soul? Feeling grateful, singing, communing with nature, taking communion, praying, sharing one another’s burdens… I think the list is probably endless. I suppose we could ask ourselves, “For what are we hungry?” 

    I am so excited that folks are turning up at some of our new soul food offerings: the Wednesday evening Bible study and this past Sunday’s forum on the Book of Common Prayer. I think those of us who are seeking a deeper connection to God and one another are hungry for understanding, be it of scripture or our particular expression of Christianity. Studying the Bible and the BCP are definitely food for the soul.

    There’s another all-you-can-eat spiritual buffet that people here at St. Luke’s love and that’s the desire to serve alongside one another for the sake of the church and community. Again and again I see members of this church coming together to feed their souls by lifting up St. Luke’s.

    MiniMart is a week from this Sunday and we have a booth and hats to sell (and even a few leftover t-shirts). More importantly we have people who love the Lord and St. Luke’s signed up to help for the whole day. 

    Then there’s the Fall Bazaar, which follows one short month after MiniMart. Certainly, the effort of those who prepare jams, jellies, pickles, tomato sauce and so many other items for the Country Kitchen have been hard at work all Summer and Fall. But more is stirring these days then rum soaked plums. Unique Boutique items are finding their way into the stage, containers for fresh pressed cider are being ordered and raffle basket are coming together.

    Both of these events help support the life of St. Luke’s Church financially, but more than that: they bring us together. I am very grateful for all the food for my soul that I have found here at St. Luke’s.

    +   +   +

    I also wanted to draw your attention to an event happening on October 6 (yes, the same day as MiniMart) in our own courtyard: A Pet Blessing. Traditionally, pet blessings have taken place on the Sunday closest to October 4th, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. At noon, there will be a very quick word and reading, and each animal present will receive a blessing and a small token. 

    I look forward to seeing you soon,

    Fr. Jesse

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