A Letter from the Rector

    July 03, 2019 by Jesse Lebus

    I heard recently that the process of transformation can be illustrated by imagining three boxes, all set in a row. The first box represents order, the second box disorder, and the third box reorder. To move from order, through disorder and into reorder is the course of transformation.

    With containers - full and empty - filling my new home and office here at St. Luke’s, I can’t help but feel as though I am sitting squarely in a cluttered box of disorder. Our family has been called from a place of comfort and familiar rhythm into a new and unknown locale.

    A church community whose rector has retired, has finished an 18 month interim and had it’s new rookie priest work for just one day can claim its spot in the disorder box, too! The obvious truth is that we are in transition together.

    God calls us out of comfort and familiarity, into chaos and confusion, that we might rise up transformed. None of us, myself and family nor St. Luke’s and its members are stuck in the disorder box; together we are moving through it towards reorder, towards transformation: becoming the body of Christ.

    Of course, in the midst of this transition we can take solace in our Sunday worship - the refreshing practice of gathering, listening, praying and sharing in the Lord’s Supper. This ancient rhythm gives us the regular opportunity to unpack our “disorder box” and be transformed. I can’t wait to celebrate with you all for the first time this Sunday!

    I give thanks to God for this process, the challenges and the results that I know will be fruitful. Do any of us know exactly where we are going? Not necessarily, but we can trust patiently in the power of the Holy Spirit to get us to where we need to be: serving God, one another and our neighbors!


    My hope, this summer, is to get to know as many of you as possible over coffee or tea; a meeting in my office or your home; or maybe a pint at the local down the street.

    I will be keeping office hours Monday through Thursday between 10am and 2pm. Of course, you can get in touch with me to schedule a meeting outside of those hours.

    May God bless St. Luke’s and our lives together,

    The Rev. Jesse Lebus
    Rector, St. Luke’s Sea Cliff

    O: 516-676-4222

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