Sunday School News

    March 01, 2019

    On March 3, our Sunday School children will meet at the front door of St. Luke’s at 9:55 am to participate in the opening procession for the 10:00 am service. After the procession, the children will gather in the parish hall to bake pretzels.

    Why pretzels? Baking pretzels for Lent is a Christian tradition. During the Lenten season, early Christians would fast or give up meat and dairy in favor of simple foods. The shape of the pretzels was modeled on the way early Christians crossed their arms during prayer.
    The season of Lent traditionally has been a time of prayer and reflection and our Lenten Sunday School lessons will reflect that. Currently, we are studying The Lord’s Prayer and have created mini-books to help us learn it.

    This month, our Youth Group and Sunday School students are working together on our “Blessing Bags” service project. They are collecting items, which they will use to create gift bags, which they will pray over and then donate to our local homeless shelter. The entire congregation is invited to participate in this service project!

    If your child would like to assist in the pretzel making on March 3, please contact Laura Franco. Parent volunteers are needed to assist in making the pretzels. As always, please notify Laura if your child has any food allergies.

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