A Letter from the Rector - July 25, 2019
    07.25.19 | by Jesse Lebus

    Greetings St. Luke’s, friends and family! The truth of the matter is: I’m not a theologian. Not in any academic way, for sure. The ways I think about God, the words I use when talking about God, I didn’t really learn from books...

      A Letter from the Rector - July 17, 2019
      07.17.19 | by Jesse Lebus

      To the members of St. Luke’s, friends and family: As a college student, interested in photojournalism, I wanted my camera to take me places. I wanted to go to far away lands, discover fascinating people and events, and - through text and...

        A Letter from the Rector
        07.03.19 | by Jesse Lebus

        I heard recently that the process of transformation can be illustrated by imagining three boxes, all set in a row. The first box represents order, the second box disorder, and the third box reorder. To move from order, through disorder and into...